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Lynn:  You are always saying that “all narrative is doxography” that comes from your philosophic calculus and psychology, could you please explain what it means?

Joxua:  It means that everything said is point of view.  For example, we don’t have any writings of socrates or jesus but their doxography was recorded, their point of view remains to this day, whether it is understood or has been corrupted that is another story.
Lynn:  Now i know that there is more to this than you are saying, i have heard you expound on it in greater detail and i know that this simple saying seems humble and inocuous but in reality it is formidable.  could you please explain in greater detail?
Joxua:  Well, in everything said, there is the trace of who is being spoken too, who is doing the talking, the medium of the message, the meaning of the message and the content of the message, there is also the subject matter.
Lynn:  When you say, “why are you looking at what you are looking at”  what does that mean?
Joxua:  the subject matter is what the person is looking at and then they communicate how they are in relationship with the subject matter, I call this emotional data and analytical data.
Lynn:  What is the “meaning of the message”?
Joxua:  To quote Wittgenstein, “meaning is use”  which means that the person speaking knows what they mean.  The person listening can’t falsify them by not understanding, that is an illegitimate technique.  We see an attempt to do this in certain forms of strategic communication but it is an unprovoked unreasoned deviation from socratic dialogue.
Lynn:  When you say “the medium is the message”  what does that mean?
Joxua:  It is a quote from Marshall Mcluhan, it essentially means that their is data in how the message is communicated.  If I want to break up with a girl do I do it via text or phone call, or over dinner?  When I am having a conversation with someone on line do I do it via email, or in a group, or on their page or on my wall?  All of these mediums edit who is privy to the conversation and influence the meaning or tone of the conversation.
Lynn:  now as far as that goes you coined the terms “analytical data and emotional data”  what do those mean?
Joxua:  everything said has value in one of three ways, it tells you something useful, or it tells you something true, about the world or yourself, or it tells you something that makes you feel good.  the first two are analytical data, the third one is emotional data, it speaks to your female mind and influences your emotions.
Lynn:  I want to communicate to people how astounding this is, things that they never even thought about, could you give us an example of how this can be applied?
Joxua:  If you think of a novel the author chooses everything you read and therefore every thought you entertain.  Just as a movie director chooses everything you see and hear.  The consideration set is being edited to communicate something to the perceiver.  this is part of SHARED STATE THEORY OF COMMUNICATION that I created.  they are communicating a state to you.  If you think of the movie, “Les Miserables”   Victor Hugo does an awesome job of illustrating a potential pattern or process.  He points out a flaw in the matriarchal, punitive, structures of authority that make sanctioned citizens and outcastes.  When we exile a persons reputation based on the prestige they were born with and not taking into account their abilities and skill set, we prevent them from being in the position that is commensurate with their abilities.  In which they can create the most value for the most people, in this way society robs itself of value and sabotages itself.
Lynn:  Brilliant, ty.
Joxua:  yw.

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